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Khadi Natural Herbal Pure Lavender Soap 125 gm in Egypt

Made in India

صابونه خادي لافندر

 برائحه اللافندر لتهدئه المزاج و العقل و الجسد

و علاج الحبوب و عدوى الجلد

تزيل الجلد الميت

تنعم و ترطب

Khadi Natural Lavender soap is infused with an aromatic fragrance that helps in distressing the mind-body and soul

This soap helps in the treatment of acne and skin infections

Cleanses the skin and body dirt while exfoliating dead cells from the body and give a soft & smooth feeling

It has a fresh and floral scent thus clams the body

It helps in maintaining the natural moisturizer of the skin

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